(C77) [Mayoineko (Nakagami Takashi)] Suggoi! Arcana Sisters (Arcana Heart)

Grogan does, and he thought that you could use a little R&R!!!” “I know,” Ellyn replied while holding up her plane tickets, “but he never mentioned you when I was just in his office!!!” “Of course not,” the brunette replied while handing a just filled glass to Ellyn, “I'm just a big surprise, now drink up, and relax and leave everything to Afton!!!”

Ellyn was too tired to argue with the attractive intruder, so as an act of submission, she took her glass of bubbly, and after accepting Afton's offer of a toast, she took a sip and sat back down in her chair!!! “This is pretty good stuff,” Ellyn commented after taking another long sip, “Dick didn't skimp on anything did he!?!” “Of course not,” Afton said softly while almost like smoke she drifted effortlessly behind her began gently massaging her tense shoulder muscles, “mmmmmmm, you are uptight, aren't you, just relax and let Afton make you feel all better!!!” Ellyn closed her eyes as Afton's magic fingers worked over and shoulders and neck, so she offered absolutely no resistence when the young woman took her by the arm and led her over to the plush sofa against the far wall and offered her yet another glass of wine!!!” “It almost seems like you're trying to get me drunk to take advantage of me,” Ellyn said lightly while almost downing the entire glass with one gulp!!! Afton laughed a lyrical laugh that was almost intoxicating as she replied, “And what would you say if I was,” while gently running her hand across Ellyn's full chest!?!” Ellyn looked quizzically at the young woman, but made no move to brush her hand away, so when Afton leaned over and kissed softly on the mouth, she moaned slightly and replied, “D-do what ever you want, I'm in your hands!!!”

Even though she had never had a lesbian expereince in her life, Afton made it seem so natural that Ellyn just lay back and allowed her to undo the front of her dress, exposing her large heavy bra encased chest to the young woman's hungry eyes!!! “Oh my,” Afton said softly, “what do you think the jury would given your client if they could have seen this, Fort Knox maybe!?!” Ellyn giggled in slurred voice as the wine began numbing her senses, before asking seriously, “Do yo think I'm fat!?!” “Of course not,” Afton replied while caressing Ellyn's breasts, “why do you ask that!?!” After taking a deep breath that made her chest expand dramatically, she replied, “Sometimes I think that I look like a cow needing to be milked!!!” “Mmmmmm, now that's an idea,” Afton replied, “why don't we get all these things off so I can take care of that problem!!!” “Okay,” Ellyn giggle again, “a-are you sure Dick knows about you!?!” “Of course he does, silly,” Afton laughed, “now hurry up and get out of those clothes!!!”

“See, I told you that I was fat,” Ellyn replied while staring down at her voluptuous frame!!! “Nonsense,” Afton replied while cupping and sucking Ellyn's hard nipples, “you're just made for fucking, the men must love getting their cocks stuck up your cunt!!!” “I-I don't get to date much,” Ellyn replied saddly, “my work takes up all of my time, but I guess that's the price that you pay for success!!!” “A body like yours is meant to be shared,” Afton replied softly, “huge breasts, round tummy, nice plump bottom, and of course a really hairy pussy, an absolute wet dream cum to life!!!” “It's too bad you don't have a big cock,” Ellyn joked, “cuz I could really use one about now!!!” “Really,” Afton asked excitedly, “what would you do if I have a big fat cock between my legs, I mean right now what would you do!?!” “Well,” a slightly drunk Ellyn sighed, “I'd get down on my knees and take you into my mouth and suck you to completion, and then I'd turn over and let you fuck me like a dog, how does that sound!?!” “Oh my,” Afton replied thickly, “I believe that you're trying to excite me!!!” “Why not,” Elly giggled, “it's just we girls here right!?!” “Mmmmmm, almost,” Afton replied gently while stripping of her clothing, “that is except for this!!!”

Ellyn's eyes tried focusing on Afton's crotch, but all she could see down there was a huge erect penis standing angrily in front of her, but in her diminshed condition it didn't quite register in her mind, that is until Afton asked softly, “Well, are you gonna do it or not!!!” “Do what,” Ellyn giggled!?! “Suck my cock,” Afton replied softly, “you promised, you said if I had a pecker that you'd get down on your knees and suck me off!!!” Ellyn squinted her eyes again, staring vacantly at the immense member sticking up before her, and in a thick voice asked, “H-how did you do that!?!” “You don't want to get into that now, do you,” Afton asked softly, “all that you need to know is that it's ready for your mouth!!!” With her eyes now totally glazed over, Ellyn allowed Afton to gently push he down to plush carpeted office floor where upon the young she-male pressed her nine inch erection against Ellyn's slightly open mouth!!! “Mmmmmmm, that's a good girl,” Afton sighed as Ellyn's mouth opened up just enough to allow the big head to slide inside, “suck Afton's big pecker, now remember, you promised to suck it all the way!!!”

Ellyn's mind was a total daze as she fed ravenously on Afton's gigantic hammer, and while she tried deperately to figure out in her clouded mind what exactly was going on, she finally just gave into her desires and threw her entire being into getting the big prick to fill her mouth with a load of hot burning spunk!!! “That's a good girl, “Afton sighed while holding Ellyn's head firmly in place, “if you do a good job on her big fat pecker she'll give you what you need!!!” Ellyn's pussy was now dripping profusely down the inside of her thick thighs, so almost without thought, she let her hand drop to her sex to begin furiously working over her engorged little clit!!! Afton lifted one of her own nipples to her lips and sucked on it greedily and she entire body stiffened as a her pecker spasmed hard, sending a torrent of cum deep into Ellyn's unsuspecting throat!!! Hot rivulets of cum dribbled out of the corners of Ellyn's mouth while Afton grabbed her by the hair and half dragged to the desk where she threw her on her on top of it while at the same time kicking her legs wide apart, exposing her flushed and drooling pussy to a rear assault!!!

“I love you fat ass,” Afton whispered hoarsely while rubbng her hands in small circles all around each cheek, “so tell me, honey, what do you want me to do next!?!” Ellyn's cunt was absolutely a furnce, so in a halting voice she stammered, “F-fuck me, fuck me hard and fast, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes, fuck me hard!!!” Afton chuckled at the urgency in Ellyn's voice, but she too was in dire need of another climax, so after only running the head of her pecker up and down the length of Ellyn's wide open slit a couple of quick times, with one hard thrust she buried her monster deep inside the unwary organ, bringing a loud scream from Ellyn's lips as her pussy collapsed around the brutal invader!!! “How do ya like that, bitch,” Afton panted while driving her spike in and out of Ellyn's battered pussy, “you said you wanted to get fucked like a dog, and now you're getting exactly what you asked for!!!” At first it was like a red hot poker had been shoved into her pussy, but as each stroke bottomed out deep inside of her, the burning was replaced by a warm glow that turned the pain into the most intense pleasure she had ever expereinced in her life!!!

Afton was beginning to lose control of herself as the head of her pecker took over the command of her body and mind, so it was almost as if both of them were now only along for the ride as their genitals now took full reign of the situation!!! Afton's breasts bounced wildly on her chest while her hips drove her magic wand in and out of Ellyn's helpless pussy with vicious abandon, until both of their groins fused in unison as a climax of monumental proportions whip sawed through them, leaving them drained and spent half on and half off of Ellyn's big desk!!! Ellyn was the first to speak, and in barely a whisper she offered, “Oh, god, I feel like I've just been fucked by Atilla and all of his huns, oh my am I sore!!!” “You are one hot lady,” Afton whispered into her, “I hope I can see you again sometime!!!” “Say,” Ellyn asked while bolting upright, “what are you doing for the next six weeks,” while holding up her tickets to Mexico!?! Afton looked at the tickets for moment before a big smile spread across her face as she replied, “I guess I'm going to have to brush up on my Spanish, or should I say my French!!!”

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Hentai: (C77) [Mayoineko (Nakagami Takashi)] Suggoi! Arcana Sisters (Arcana Heart)

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(C77) [迷い猫 (中上隆)]すっごい! ARCANA SISTERS(アルカナハート)

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