[Arabatos] Best Friends (Hey Arnold)

The Dating Game

I cant believe my friends don’t this they set me up on this blind date sorta thing where its set in this coffee shop and the guys are sitting at a table there is about six tables and its booked there is enough room for one more girl well you have ten minutes to talk and at the end your to ask whether or not the person wants to continue im thinking how desperate can you be to do something like that so all of a sudden this nice coco skin girl comes in and she blows everyone out of the water I watch her she has to be a c cup no problem she has a nice figure and a skirt with a blouse on she sits down and starts going through people all im getting to is yada yada im bored then she sits down at this tableso she tells me looking into my eyes I got a thing for you to do its three dates with me tonight see how long you can last if you can last on these things then you get me she has a beautiful vioce nice and sweet I look at her and say im game so she grabs my hand and we go outside to my car I got a nice car a perk of being well off she jumps in not giving me a chance to open her door I jump in and she kisses me passionately she pulls away whip out your dick I wanna see if this will be worth it I pulled it out its eight in a half inches and thick she looks at it and licks her lips she then bends down and gives it a lick ok now put it away she tells me so I do I look at her and say can I see she takes the top of her blouse down and I see the firmest set of tits I ever seen and nice Hershey kiss nipples she takes it back in then moves her panties shes got a nice pussy clean shaved she takes my fingers and places them inside of her she was so wet and tight she pulls her hand away with mine mmmmm comes out of my mouth when I do that I start the car and say where we going she leads me to a mini golf course and we go up the guy gives her the key telling her to lock up when she is done we go out and she says there is one stipulation we are to be naked with that she strips and I follow its a closed in space so no one will see us im standing behind her watching her she calls me over to help I put my hands around her and grabs hers and I am pressed up against her she starts to wiggle her butt I can feel it on my dick so I nibble on her spine she comes back and kisses me jumping up in my arms mmmmmm I hear then she places my cock at her opening and I love it as I take a deep slow stroke up so she can feel every inch of me then I lay her down mmmmm baby keep going damn I knew I had to have it once I seen it I start pumping harder and faster spreading her legs out witm my hands and sitting on my knees up from her she is scratching and biting me oooooo baby im gonna cum cum with me so with that I hear a shreak and I cum with her after we collapse dont think you will get it again tonight I get up and we start to go to play so we start she hits it in and sinks the ball in and i go at it she comes behind me and touches me balls i miss thats not fair i never said i played fair ok two can play at this game i thought so i waited to see what would happen she lines for the shot and i grab her tit she misses hey you can not destract me how in the hell is that fair i say i mean you can me but i cant you becuase your a guy and good at this probly and im a girl and not any good at it so i grab her by the hand and say ok i lay her down and suck her clit into my mouth she can feel my tounge ring on her going up and down oh my god baby keep going down stop she starts to shake and i can feel it to oh god baby im gonna cum mmmmmmmmm she cums and i lick it all up i thought you told me i couldnt get any more that was to gfood to pass up she says well lets take a break she tell me so why the dating game well my friends set me up and i didnt have a choice i have been single for two years lost my girl in a car accident and just havent dated oh im sorry she tells me and i ask so why this for you well she tells me i cant help it i have to no one else would do something like this so i desided to give this a shot and see what comes up she reaches down and start playing with my dick stroking it up and down mmmmmm why you do want to do that i like it better when its hard she tell me as i squirm in my seat mmmm that feels good she takes my cock in her mouth tasting both of our love juices bobbing it up and down playing with my balls mmmmm baby just like that i reach over and play with her pussy as she is moanin while she sucks she starts going faster and harder and i feel the sucktion as she does so she gets up and sits down on it i needed it damn your so big i love it so much fills me right up and feels so good mmmmmmmmmm keep it up a buck a little and ask so you glad it was me yes i am glad it was you i am having fun and i really wanna get to know you i may not ever be able to fill that whole but ill give it a chance she starts going up and down and she moans im gonna cum baby i feel her like a vice around me i cum to moanin mmmmmmmmmmmm baby oh god yes it feels so good mmmmmmmm we both cum and collapse on the ground holding eachother

(this is my first story im not good with punctuation but give me feed back and tell me what you think ill write more if positive). .

Hentai: [Arabatos] Best Friends (Hey Arnold)

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