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Yeah I know im not the best writer in the world just give me a chance this is the first story I have done and im really nervous about posting it so please be gentle lol

Hi my name is Jordan and I have short brown hair a little chubby but not to much and a five inch penis im pretty short I am a 15 year old bi boy I say bi I like guys more then girls well considering iv only had sex with guys and haven’t had any with a girl this is my story

Opening my eyes I saw my best friend Daniel blond hair blue eyes slim with a lot of muscle on his body mainly his six-pack pecks and his arms I melted every time I saw him I was in love with him but I knew he was straight so I didn’t have a chance “Jordan am I still sleeping at yours tomorrow” I nodded my head I was going to let him sleep over tonight but I was going to try something new we where in lesson just chilling out not doing the work obviously “good cuz im gonna rape ya tonight” my eyes went wide I got lump in my throat and my pants “haha if you could see your face” I sighed in depression but not so that anyone would notice looking at the clock I saw it was time to go my and Danny got up and left the class room and went right down to the front doors we waited for his sister and little brother me and Danny we where close very close we had known each other since we where four when finally they showed up we walked the five minuet walk to the bus stop when it came we took our seats on the top of the bus Danny sat on the seat across me “Jord why cant I sleep over tonight” I got really nervous and I had to think fast I just prayed that I was good at it “mums not at work today so she will be bugging me all night” I hated lying to Danny but I couldn’t tell him the truth for why he couldn’t come “that’s cool” we chatted for awhile until it was my stop getting off I looked around and saw the shit hole called harehills where I lived walking a few minuets up harehills lane I got to my street where I saw rows of back to back houses and then two large two story houses I went to the one on the right where I lived opening the steel gate I walked in and went right into my house I expected to see my mum but only saw a note “Jordan gone to work early be home at normal time love mum” I jumped for joy that meant I had eight hours all on my own striping off to my boxers I ran upstairs and turned the computer on I was so nervous and I hadn’t even found what I was looking for opening a chat room I typed in my name “leeds boy” when I got into the room I was bombarded with reply’s already shifting threw most of them I got to one I liked “wanna meet me and you can blow me” clicking it I wrote back “maybe id like that” after awhile he put “well if you wanna meet iv got a huge cock here for you to suck” I was getting harder and harder in my pants “ok im 15 is that alright” “yea sure no problem how about this I come to yours you leave your door open and I find you on your knees naked on the floor” “yea I can do that” he then asked me something that I wasn’t so sure about “can you wear a thong aswell” “erm I think I can do that im still a virgin so how big are you” “hehe I’ll bring a gag so the neighbours don’t hear you scream what's your address” I gave him my street name and post code “ok I’ll be there in five” I turned the computer off and went straight into my sisters old room hoping she left a thong behind luckily she did it was a small red one stripping of I put it on loving the feel of the piece of string going up my crack walking down stairs after I unlocked the door I got on my knees in the living room and waited not five minuets later the door opened “close you eyes” I heard a manly voice say I did as I was told I then heard footsteps then a blindfold was put over my eyes “I don’t want you seeing my face got it” nodding my head I was so horny “mmm such a sexy lil boy you wanna drink lil boy” I whimpered and nodded my head “what would you like to drink” “your man juice please sir” just then I felt something hot and hard touch my lips “lick my dick” sticking my tongue out I licked his cock feeling how thick it was I ran my tongue up and down the large piece of meat “now suck it” opening my mouth I let him push it down my throat being this was only my second time sucking dick I gagged and choked “yea that’s it slut keep it down” I had to pull back but not all the way off to keep from choking to death I sucked him for what felt like ages bobbing up and down on his big piece of meat I could taste and feel his pre cum running down my throat “oh shit yea bend over” I came off his cock and got on my hands and knees I felt him smear lube all around my asshole and some inside my asshole he then put the ball gag in my mouth I was so scared but excited at the same time then he started pushing his dick head inside my ass once it popped in my back arched and I lifted my head in a silent scream “oh fuck you are a virgin” he pushes more inside me it felt like someone had rammed a log up my ass he kept on pushing not paying any attention to my screams that where muffled by my ball gag after he hilted me I thought he was going to wait but to my discomfort he didn’t the bruit just pulled out and rammed back in making me scream around the gag again over and over he did this making my body rock back and forth I heard him moan and groan as he fucked me like I was nothing my pain had now turned into pleasure and I was beginning to moan louder and squeal I then felt a sharp pain on my left ass cheek as he slapped it roughly I started getting scared but I still wanted it badly I wiggled my ass on his dick he slapped it again and again until he was spanking me hard enough to make my eyes water “ugh fuck yea im about to make you my bitch” he groaned with two powerful thrusts I felt his cock twitch and grow as his cum filled my ass I arched my back and moaned he pulled out and cummed all over my ass and back “oh fuck clean it” I turned around on wobble knees and cleaned his dick with my mouth after he took the gag out tasting his thick juicy cum “right I’ll see you again soon” I went to go and remove my blind fold but he stopped me “not yet and next time I come I expect you to be wearing it” I nodded my head as he got up and left threw the front door sighing heavily I collapsed as the cum was leaking out of my ass removing the blind fold I got up on wobble feet and checked out my ass it was all red and covered in cum I took a well needed shower and went on the computer for the rest of the night

I was so glad it was a Friday I had gotten up and gone to school and now I was sitting at home just gotten home from school I was watching some tv when my mum came in “Jordan is Danny sleeping tonight” I nodded “yea mum” she smiled like any of my other friends Danny was nice and kind he had always looked after me when I was down when my dad died I thought about ending it I can remember putting the razor to my wrist but Danny some how knew what I was going to do and stopped me saying he would always be there no matter what “ok I wont be home for awhile Jordan tonight” I nodded kind of depressed my mum had to work really hard so we could have food on the table we weren’t poor but we weren’t rich either I hardly ever got to see my mum days would go by and we would barley speak “ok Jordan im heading off there's ten pounds for some food on the table” I said bye and locked the door as she left not half an hour later there was a knock on my door unlocking it I saw Danny holding a rugby ball we where both good rugby players he played for a team at school and outside Danny always said I should join but id be scared that I would pop a boner in the showers after a game and well you can see where that would lead “hey Jord wanna play some ball” I nodded “yea let me just get my shoes” walking inside he followed me in I grabbed my trainers and slipped them on we went outside and pasted the ball around “hey I broke up with Abby today” Danny said as he flung the ball to me sending it in on a spin “oh why” I asked catching the ball “she was keeping me away from my mates especially you” that touched me he always said the nicest things I threw him the ball and made a whipping sound “im not whipped” he said and tackled me I always did that to Danny Abby did have him whipped big time “yea not anymore your not” I said and pinned him I started laughing but when I realized my ass was over his dick I could feel it against my crack all the times me and him have wrestled played rugby I always feel his dick he boosts a lot about its size but I never thought it would be true but now that I actually feel it properly I wonder if it is true getting of him I help him up “wanna watch some tv” he nodded and followed me inside and up to my room where I had a single bed in the corner with a computer beside it and a large screen tv that I had saved up for Danny produced several Dvds we watched some horror movies and sat on my bed when it got dark we turned the computer on he chatted to some friends on msn while I watched some tv or played on the xbox 360 “hey Jord I gotta go and tell my mum something wanna come” I paused the game Danny didn’t live far from me so I agreed I got my coat and shoes on we walked out of my door and after locking it I turned around just in time to see Danny bend over to tie his shoe lace I got a great look of his tight ass in his trakies as a joke I walked up behind him and grabbed his ass he jerked up and gave me a strange look I smiled to let him know it was a joke he laughed as we walked to his house

When we got back to mine it was around ten and my mum wasn’t getting home for another few minuets we walked back upstairs and put iron man on Danny got in my bed with me I was very excited the hottest boy I knew was in the same bed as me but sadly I was so tiered I fell asleep not long after I had fallen asleep my eyes opened because I could feel someone breathing in my face right infront of me was Danny asleep his lips about an inch away from mine I knew Danny was a heavy sleeper so I leaned in and kissed his lips when he didn’t move I looked down and saw he was only wearing his boxers slowly while keeping my eyes on his closed ones I reached down to his dick once I was hovering over it I grasped it in my hand and gasped he was huge I could barley hold it and it was soft he didn’t me slowly I put my hand in his boxers and started playing with his dick stroking him he wasn’t like me he had a cut dick pulling his boxers back I saw that it was about 6 inches when soft “oh god” I whispered he was already leaking cum slowly I crawled down and started playing with his dick stroking it back and forth squeezing it making more cum leak out looking up I saw he was still asleep I gulped and leaned in when his dick was and inch away from my mouth I leaned in and licked it right then and there I nearly cummed in my pants his hot manly cum tasted so good I wanted more leaning in again this time I took his cock in my mouth and sucked electing a moan from him I didn’t care if he woke up now I started sucking him pushing his dick all the way in my throat the only thing in this world was me n this beautiful cock I had in my mouth “oh fuck Jordan what the fuck” I heard him I was so shocked that I fell right of his dick and onto the floor he stood up with his cock still hard and faced me like he was about to beat me up if iv learned anything from Daniel its that he doesn’t like gay people
To be continued. .

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