(C75) [AKKAN-Bi PROJECT (Yanagi Hirohiko)] Queen's Blast (Queen's Blade) [Chinese] [黑条汉化]

Will I ever be able to feel you inside me again after this afternoon?”
Wearing only the three trophy beaded necklaces on her body we wandered down the path, Lisa in a naked, post fuck stupor, me in awe of her accomplishment. With cut off blue denim shorts the outfit accentuated her long tanned legs and her tits pushed that thin cotton blouse out like two headlights on a 1950’s Plymouth.

Hentai: (C75) [AKKAN-Bi PROJECT (Yanagi Hirohiko)] Queen's Blast (Queen's Blade) [Chinese] [黑条汉化]

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(C75) [あっかんBi~ (柳ひろひこ)]Queen's Blast(クイーンズブレイド) [中国翻訳]

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