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“Hello!” Raiden called out cautiously as he heard whispering and shuffling in a small back room behind the counter and to the right. Instantly a powerful fire ball was launched at Raiden and sent him flying back through the shop crashing through the rotting shelves and display cases to smash into the brick walk on the far side next to the door.

Hentai: [ACID-HEAD (Murata.)] NamiRobi SP (One Piece) [English] []

NamiRobi SP 1NamiRobi SP 2NamiRobi SP 3NamiRobi SP 4NamiRobi SP 5NamiRobi SP 6NamiRobi SP 7NamiRobi SP 8NamiRobi SP 9NamiRobi SP 10NamiRobi SP 11NamiRobi SP 12NamiRobi SP 13NamiRobi SP 14NamiRobi SP 15NamiRobi SP 16NamiRobi SP 17NamiRobi SP 18NamiRobi SP 19NamiRobi SP 20NamiRobi SP 21NamiRobi SP 22NamiRobi SP 23NamiRobi SP 24NamiRobi SP 25NamiRobi SP 26NamiRobi SP 27NamiRobi SP 28NamiRobi SP 29NamiRobi SP 30NamiRobi SP 31NamiRobi SP 32NamiRobi SP 33NamiRobi SP 34

[Acid-Head (ムラタ。)]ナミロビSP(ワンピース) [英訳]

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