Cuckold Milky Punch – Digimon Adventure

My god! I think I am starting to think more along the lines of the gods! Crap this sucks! I am not this self centered bastard that I am starting to feel like! Looking directly at Quinn he said.  
Quinn gave the woman a smirk, then a heated look, I have more than found out.

Hentai: [HYPER BROND (Ichijo Karune)] Milky Punch (Digimon Adventure)

Milky Punch 1Milky Punch 2Milky Punch 3Milky Punch 4Milky Punch 5Milky Punch 6Milky Punch 7Milky Punch 8Milky Punch 9Milky Punch 10Milky Punch 11Milky Punch 12Milky Punch 13Milky Punch 14Milky Punch 15Milky Punch 16Milky Punch 17Milky Punch 18Milky Punch 19Milky Punch 20Milky Punch 21Milky Punch 22Milky Punch 23Milky Punch 24Milky Punch 25Milky Punch 26Milky Punch 27Milky Punch 28

[ハイパーブロンド (一条かるね)]ミルキーパンチ(デジモンアドベンチャー)

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