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Gettn' up

   “GOOD MORNING!!!” the radio announcer called as I willed myself awake, “Welcome to another glorious day in south-west Florida!!!”
   “Ugh. For now

   I get on the bed and tell Ashly to get on top of me to do a move I call the Excited Horse (it's were the girl gets on top on her knees like cowgirl style and gets on half way and the guy fuckes up into the girl the rest of the way) she got on top and did as I instructed and only got on a few inches then I thrusted my manhood in and out of Ashly's warm, wet pussy, after about ten minutes we switched positions to doggy style, then she sucked me off the rest, after we finished and put breea's bed back in order I checked my watch “12:37” 
   “I should get going, my mom will be worried sick,” I say as I get dressed
   “Ok, but promise first,” she replied
   “What do you mean?” I asked
   “I want you to promise that you will never, ever hurt me,” she said almost in tears
   “Ashly, I would NEVER, not in a million years even think about hurting you, ever,” I said looking her in the eyes and meaning every single word of what I said
   We hugged and made out before I left, said good by, waved, and I drove off into the distance, bound for home


There will be a sequel, leave creative suggestions in the comment section and try to keep them realistic plz, and thanks for reading :).

Hentai: [lrk] neon genesis evangelion – con

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