Thailand Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 Hot Cunt

I undid my seat belt and bent over towards his cock and started to lick it all over before taking him in my mouth fitting has much of him in has possible, Jay was doing a good job driving whilst getting a blow job, my head now moving faster up and down his cock wanting to taste his hot sticky cum hitting the back of my throat, his grunts of pleasure told me he was cumming just before I felt his cock twitch violently in my mouth and then loving the taste of his spunk has he erupted into my willing mouth making sure I greedily swallowed his entire load. We made love one last time before Jay had to go and collect Samantha from the airport, he took his time making sure that I was completely satisfied before he left, he  spent the best part of thirty minutes licking and sucking my clit and pussy making me cum several times, he also licked and fingered my ass which again drove me wild with lust for my lover, and then I got to suck his long hard cock making him cum but I didn't let him cum in my mouth like I had done previously no this time I wanked him off till he shot his hot jets of cum all over my breasts then I made him lick it off them so I could then take it off his tongue, I was desperate now to feel his hard cock thrusting in to my pussy my whole body tingled at the prospect and when he did push it in to my hidden depths, my head spun with the excitement of Jay's expert cock sliding in and out my horny pussy when all of a sudden he pulled out of me well I was just about to protest my disappointment when I felt him pressing the tip of his cock into my ass, he kept pushing against my tight hole till it opened up for him, that's when he pushed forward his entire cock filling my bowels making me scream in both pain and ecstasy has my ass got stretched from his hard cock, only once his balls touched my ass did he pull out slightly only to drive it up my ass once more he started to fuck me fast and hard my ass now completely open for him to abuse my orgasm close, Jay was grunting and groaning with pleasure has he fucked my ass hard he knew we were both close when all of a sudden my orgasm ripped through me squirting cum out of my pussy and on to my lovers stomach and Jay too was cumming the muscles in my ass clamping down on his cock and milked him as he fucked me, I wanted to feel him cum deep inside of my bowels which once I felt his cock starting to twitch I knew he was going to fill me up with his cum and I wasn't disappointed as four hot spurts flooded into my ass, we collapsed together afterwards and just held each other tight but then it was time.

Hentai: [Asaga Eri] Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 (COMIC Shingeki 2021-05) [Chinese] [熊崎玉子汉化组] [Digital]

Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 1Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 2Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 3Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 4Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 5Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 6Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 7Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 8Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 9Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 10Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 11Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 12Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 13Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 14Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 15Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 16Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 17Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 18Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 19Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 20Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 21Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 22Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 23Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 24Junjou!? Irekawari Ring【Zenpen】 25

[朝賀えり]純情!?入れ替わりリング【前編】(COMIC 真激 2021年5月号) [中国翻訳] [DL版]

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