(SC56) [clesta (Cle Masahiro)] CL-orz 23 (Kyoukai Senjou No Horizon) [Decensored]

Everyone in the main hall got up and walked toward there designated classroom with there assigned spit muffin behind them, Jessica and Stacey arrived at room #659 with professor Spitenmier, “Your late” he said to Jessica, “Sorry I got lost” she replied, “What is your name young man?” He asked looking though his book, “Jason sir, Jason Kaos” Jessica said without missing a beat, “Deposit your spit muffin over there and take a seat, Mr. “Ok class, I am Professor Spitenmier welcome to spit master beginner 101, In this class you will learn though live demonstrations, by me, to properly arouse your muffin and ready her to take the spit we will be doing this by using tongues to stimulate the outer and inner folds of the muffin's pussies, you will use your own muffins for this demonstration” he said as a man came over and handed each master the leash for there muffin to them, “You mean we wont get to spit the muffins today?” Jessica asked still trying to use a deep voice to not be found out as a girl, “You will not spit your muffins until you have passed the arousal/preparation and culinary portion of the class, witch takes about 6 months” Professor spitenmier said.

Hentai: (SC56) [clesta (Cle Masahiro)] CL-orz 23 (Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon) [Decensored]

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(サンクリ56) [クレスタ (呉マサヒロ)]CL-orz 23(境界線上のホライゾン) [無修正]

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