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When my cock fell out Laurien gasped her mouth dropping open I looked down at her and skilled “don't worry you will taste it soon enough now it's time for a bath ” I said as walked into the bathroom stepping in the tub they stand infront of me waiting for orders “why don't you two wash me and I ask somethings to learn you both a bit better ” I said they came to each side of the tub and started to wash me with soap as I checked out there body's fondling them both a little

” so tell me Laurien where are you from ” I asked her ” I'm from the farmlands my liege ” she said to me ” and you Melissa ? ” I said as I turned my face to her letting my hand rest on her ass ” I'm the daughter of your chef my king ” she answers I smiled and asked them both ” are you two virgins ? ” I said as they both stopped and giggled ” I'm a virgin ” said Laurien ” I'm not I lost mine last summer ” Mellisa said ” did you like losing your virginity?  ” I asked her ” no sir I was raped by a guard of the palace ” she answered with tears in her eyes I was shocked ” you poor girl don't worry it will get beter from now on ” I said to her as she nodded

After I was clean I got out and let them dry me off we walked over to my bed my cock hard the entire time I got on bed and looked at them standing next to the bed ” alright Laurien you are a virgin and Melissa you also don't know a lot about sex so we start easy okay ? ” I said to them they both nodded ” okay great get on your knees it's time to taste your king ” I say as they slowly fell to their knees I stood up from the bed looking down at them

” alright girls let's start with laurien sucking my cock while Melissa licks my balls ” I said as they immediately got to work I tilted my head back when I felt Laurien's soft mouth going around my cock at the same time Melissa passionately licked my balls “ooh yeah that's it girls ” I moaned out as I put my hands on both of their heads going trough there hair

After a few minutes of sucking I stept away looking down at them ” alright both of you lay on the bed it's time for the real fun ” I said as they both jumped on the bed on their backs giving me a nice view of there pussy's I immediately noticed that laurien was tighter and I wanted her to be the main course so I decided to go for Melissa first “alright Melissa you first I want you to beg me ” I said as I positioned myself to pound her ” ooh please my king let me feel your big cock in my tight pussy own me my liege “she begged out as I laughed at her and pushed in stretching her walls around me she started to moan first in pain but then in pleasure “ooh fuck that's huge ooh shit ” she moaned out

While I rammed Melissa full force jenny was outside my room peeking true the door smiling ” at least he is pleased ” she said and walked back to her room where she went to sleep knowing her king is having fun with her gift ” she tought to herself ” ooh fuck that's a nice pussy you will serve me well ” I moaned out ” thank you my lord ” she moaned out as I looked over to laurien she looked scared as I pounded away at Melissa ” laurien don't worry you are a virgin I will go easier on you ” I said as she nodded but still a little worried as Melissa keeps moaning. Hand Job [Idol Master] Gather The Guy Who Want To… .

Hentai: [MARIMO (AHEN)] Caffe Latte M10 (Vocaloid)

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