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i asked my mom “what are we having a dinner party?” my mom smiled and said “your lady maid has been given usa citizenship and no longer needs to work for us so we are having a dinner party for her” i smiled and my eyes fell up with tears “okay mom we are going to go” “bye boys” my mom said (harvey being part of my family now so to speak was allowed to call my mom mom) we both replied at the same time “bye mom”

when i got to the car i asked harvey “can i drive?” harvey throw his keys to me in a nice way “of course you can babe you can have anythink i can give you” i smiled so much my mouth hurt “your teeth” harvey said. Flashing Setsudo No Nai Onee-chan De Gomen Ne -… i paniced and said “what about then” sharply “they look gorgous and back to normal” i smiled again and drove us to the fotball field brit was there so i sat with her whiles are boyfriends practiced “hey brit” “hey baby boy how you doing” “much better thank you” “you look like your old self again” “yeah im getting here.

Hentai: (Futaket 11.5) [Tokyo Bungeling Bay Yokohama (Kurori)] Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon (Kantai Collection -KanColle-)

Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon 1Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon 2Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon 3Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon 4Atagon to Kakabo Copy-bon 5

(ふたけっと11.5) [東京バンゲリングベイ横浜 (くろり)]あたごんとかかぽコピ本(艦隊これくしょん -艦これ-)

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